Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pretty much got nothing

Sorry for the lack of posts. I haven't even come across anything that interesting to write about. Other than Gossip Girl is back on. Is anyone else sad that Blair and Chuck are officially over?

Well, the only exciting thing going on in my life is that Finley turns one this week! I cannot believe it! Her owl party is this Saturday and these adorable "smores" from Living Locurto may or may not make an appearance.

Maybe tomorrow will bring something more exciting to blog about?


sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I saw those and thought of you!! Can't wait to see her party details! So we should totally have a Twitter watch party for GG. I'm sad about Chuck & B too.

Christine said...

Those owl smores are adorable! Love that her party is owl themed! Can't wait to see pictures!!

happy_wife said...

Whooooo is giving you are hard time about not blogging? Really, that was just an 'owl' pun. But it was kinda good, yes? I know, predictable, but still enjoyable.

Fin will be 1?!? NO! She shares the same b-day as my sweet niece that shares my name and I just REFUSE (All caps appropriate) to believe it!

I am expecting many, many pics of the par-tay. Many


Lauren said...

Those smores are SO cute!!!! :)

emily @ emily posts said...

OMG and owl themed party?! What a lucky girl!!

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