Sorry if you all got an email from me. I am not in London. (Though I wish I was, I am totally in Tulsa.) I have been spammed. I would love to send you all an email letting you know that...but my email has been shut down for spamming. Isn't that ironic??



  1. I just got the email myself. I sent you an email to tell you but guessing it was already shut down. Just happy to know we dont have to come and get you in London. Thought it was awfully fast for you to get from Finley's Birthday to London. LOL

  2. just got it...i had to laugh, london really? kels

  3. Well darn-- I was planning a lovely emergency trip to London to rescue you. Guess that won't be necessary! ;-)

  4. Wait. Why do you get to go to London when I only get to push pills online? No fair.

    **Stomps foot and runs away**


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