So that's why they call it Labor Day?

Since I am all about keeping it real here, I will show you the before pictures of my craft nook. Don't judge. I kind of just moved in. (Does 4.5 months ago count as "just moved?")

We worked super hard today getting my little area of the game room together. (And when I say "we" I really mean my sister. I took on more of a supervisory role.)

So without further ado...craft nook before...
I feel good about clutter.

My sister doesn't. This is the after. Doesn't it look fab????

I have had this "furniture" piece since college or my first apartment or something like that.

I am kind of in love with the green boxes. (Walmart clearance.)

This lovely piece I definitely had in college. The picture inside is circa 2004 of Tommy and I on a trip to Chicago. Not our best picture...yet I digress. These boxes contain all of my paper products. I kind of have a lot.

In my game room closet I wanted to turn an area into a gift wrap area. I will be completely honest...I hardly ever wrap anything. I just throw the gift in a bag and call it a day. But, my friend Megan has a gift wrapping closet and I have closet envy, so I had to be just like her. (Though Megan does have this awesome wrapping paper holder which used to be a map stand. I cannot compete there.) So...closet before:

Closet after. I now have a place to put my wrapping paper and instead of throwing all of my gift bags into that enormous pink bag to the left in the picture above, I can now keep them in my new hot pink gift bag holder.

See...pretty awesome.

The other day on Maddycakes Muse, she had pics of her craft room and my sister and I both thought the idea of using an over the door shoe rack was a brilliant way to house crafting items, so we totally copied.

I love my new nook! Megan is already coming over tonight to craft! (And when I say craft, I really mean we are going to make a small banner with the cricut and call it a night.)

Thanks so much for all of your help, Al! I love it!!!!! You are the best organizer and sister ever!


  1. So great!! I love the birdcage as a ribbon holder! Very creative and organized. Totally reminds me of my house.

    Not really.


  2. It was so much fun helping you get that "mess" organized and getting to spend time with my fave sister... esp since Fin has been calling for KK all week. I am exciting to start crafting for Fin's birthday over in your new craft room! Love you!

  3. I was the lucky one, getting to keep Finley while you two organized. I had the best job. love, mom
    P.S. The craft room does look better. I need a craft room, but I want it downstairs. Guess that won't happen.

  4. Allison did a great job on your craft nook!! The first thing I spotted was the birdcage used as a ribbon holder. I really love that!! You, your mom, and Allison are lucky you get to spend so much time together . . . and, of course, little Miss Finley, too!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. **Sigh** Wish you and your talented organizing sister lived here!! Pretty much my entire house is in need of Allison's organizing services. Any time you girls want to spend a week working your tails off, just come on down and help a cousin out!! I'll even pay you!! cannot judge me by the level of my junk. :)

    ps - it looks fabulous!! Craft away!!!

  6. Your little craft nook looks so good and organized! Everyone really admired our handy work at the shower. I have a shoe organizer in my wrapping closet to keep staionary in - those are so nice. My friend Karla uses hers in her coat closet to keep her kids gloves, scarves, etc. in.

  7. I'm not crafty but please tell me that white box on the table is not the Silhouette - I will be so jealous!!!!!


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