Finley's Birthday Party Sneak Peek!

Because I know Addie got wayyyyy better pictures than I did, I thought I would give you guys a sneak peek and then post her fabulous pictures later.

Remember my Dogs Playing Poker Cake I got for Tommy for his 30th birthday? Allison used the same cake person to make Finley's cake. I think it turned out adorable and really matches the invites perfectly!

You guys, have you EVER seen so many presents in your life??? The doll house in the background is what Kyle (Allison's husband) made Finley for her birthday. It is an exact replica (dimensions and all) to Pottery Barn's version. Impressive! My nephew Max was also there and he had so much fun! (Do I not have the cutest nieces and nephews?? I wish I could take credit for some of his genetic makeup, but not so much.) Here he is eating the owl smores that were actually quite a labor of love. Not nearly as easy as promised.
The birthday girl with some of her new swag.

And tomorrow I may just have a free party circle for you guys to download ; ).

I guess I hyped up Finley's birthday present a little much. It actually isn't all that exciting. I got her an owl "basket" full of owl things. The basket was the owl treat bag from Pottery Barn Kids, 2 owl dresses, an owl shirt and this hat from etsy seller Amy K.

Not sure how well this is going to go over...

Happy birthday, little Fin! We love you so much! I promise to post more pics soon! Check back tomorrow for your free download.


  1. The cake is adorable! Not to mention the sweet bday girl:-)

  2. happy birthday sweet Finley! wow what an amazing cake!!!!kels

  3. I love that hat - hopefully she'll keep it on! Can't wait to see Addie's pics :)

  4. Total cuteness!!! Can't wait to see more pics :)

  5. That cake is AMAZING! ...and do I see Cake Balls?!? Yummy! Happy Birthday Finley!

  6. Love the hat. I think I might make the owls for my little ones' party coming soon.

  7. Sooo cute!! That cake is amazing! And I love the owl hat- great pick Aunt Cake!

  8. Hey Katie,
    Two things. First, your niece is one of the CUTEST children I have EVER seen! Your sister should enroll her in the Gap model search. She is BEAUTIFUL!
    Also, I just got an email "from you". I know it is a scam email. It is one of those that goes out to your whole address book telling them that you are trapped in London and need money. I just wanted you to know. :)

  9. Everything is adorable! I can't even pick a favorite... but if I had to it'd definitely be your sweet gift! I love the owl hat and would love to get an owl themed gift basket! Such a cute idea!

  10. Katie, everything turned out great! Finley is adorable :)

  11. I absolutely love the cake. Would you mind sharing the name and number of the lady who makes the cakes?

    By the way your party was too cute.


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