Favorite Things - Fall Edition - Volume 2

One of my hands-down most favorite things to do in the whole world in the fall is to go to the pet costume contest on Brookside. Seriously, love. This year the event is on October 30 at 1:00 p.m. I will so be there.
The first year we got Carter we took him. He hasn't been back since. I would say his personality would be described as "shy." (Or something like that.)
Wasn't he just the cutest baby?
Megan is introducing Carter to another dog. We hoped it would make him feel more comfortable. Yeah, not so much. (This is so a throwback picture...circa 2006.)

Don't you think it is so clever dressing up an animal as another animal??? Oh, the irony. I would love to dress Pudge up as a cat. However, Pudge isn't really allowed out in big groups. He could best be described as "friendly."

My favorite costume that I have ever seen and really one of the most clever is this pomeranian shaved to look like a lion.

The owner was dressed up as a tamer and there is a little bit of fake blood on the dog.

Okay, tell me your favorites! Also, let me know if you have seen any clever dog costumes!


  1. Well, I once knew someone who dressed their two dogs as Batman and Robin and they neighborhood kids thought it was a riot. We aren't really that into our dogs, so it wasn't us. For sure it wasn't us. And we would certainly never take pictures of it and then make it in to a cartoon on our computer. Nope. It was our friends that came up with the "Crazy Mis-Adventures of Bathound", and while creative, not me.


  2. That pomeranian is hilarious!!

  3. That little lion is so cute! I want to take him home!

  4. OMG that pom is the cuest thing ever! Thats so funny.

    You're puppy's cute too :) I'm sure if I tried to put customes on my dogs they would roll around and drag their feet as much as they could to get those things off!

  5. I forgot how little Carter was! He was such a cute piglet!!


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