A really cute invite & a question & a rave

It is hard to believe that little Finley is turning one in three weeks! Guess whoooo's going to have the cutest party EVER??? I had fun designing her little invite. I think it turned out cute. when printed you can see the "birthday' better. Promise. :)

Allison wanted to take pictures from her first year and turn them into a "one" on the back of the card. She is a very cute baby.

Finley has hit a major milestone - she says KK over and over again. I am totally her favorite aunt. (Not that I have much competition.)

Speaking of birthdays, mine is one month from today. I won't tell you how old I am going to be. But know, it is not 29. Or 30. Ugh. Anyway, I am thinking about asking for the new iphone 4 for my birthday.

Currently, I use an i-fauxne. Aka, a Samsung Eternity. I was all set on asking for the iphone 4, then today at lunch all of these people were telling me they hate it/their at&t service (which I currently have) and are ready to switch. Discuss. I need to know what to do!!! Pros and cons and what you would do if you were me.

Lastly, I got my new sofa table in the mail today. It looks a little enormous, but I think it will grow on my. My big dilemma on buying this table was paying the high shipping amount. I decided to just bite the bullet and buy it. Well, Wednesday I get an email from Home Decorators Collection (where I got this) that says they have free shipping through Labor Day. I have to admit, I was kind of upset. I decided to call this morning and see if they would refund my shipping costs -- and guess what? They did! I am now $58 richer. Thankyouverymuch. I love it when I have a good experience.


  1. So....many....things....to....comment..... on!

    LOVE the table! It looks great-and that is awesome that you got the free shipping! I would be so t-o'ed if I missed the shipping. Can't wait to see it up close and personal. The room and furniture seem to be big, so I think the commanding size of a large sofa table, along with the light color against the dark sofa as well as the curviness with the straight lines of the couch will be a great compliment.

    At&T are on my constant "jerk list".....much like every weatherman in Houston. They are all liars. Dirty, rotten liars. Oh, sure they promise it is going to be overcast and totally absent of humidity this weekend; so says Mr. Weatherman that looks just like the kid from A Christmas Story. Sure AT&T tells me that the new iPhone will have better reception so I won't have to stand in the exact.same.spot on my second floor, and in front of a big window that makes me look like I am presiding (AKA: Spying) over my neighborhood like I am Evita or something. All liars. And my neighbor who awkwardly waved at me thinking I was staring at her agrees. (I was staring though....I heard she was pregnant and I wanted to see. She is. Way pregnant).

    That said, I do love my iphone. If I could cover it with sparkles and cream cheese icing, I would.

    And Finley. Sweet, precious, how-can-I-manufacture-a-machine-so-I-can-apply-it-to-all-children-so-they-can-have-her-dimples Finley. The invitation is so adorable-I can't wait to see more pics from the big day!!


    (Oh, thanks for the comments on my blog, Aunt Angie! Like I DON"T know who Aunt Angie is!!! I told Katie, I felt like I have 'arrived' now that the most famous commenter of one my favorite blogs commented on MY nothingness!!)

  2. Wow. That was long. An email would have been better.

    Lesson learned.


  3. Hi, Katie,
    Well, my comments won't be nearly as detailed or entertaining as Jane's, but I must comment just so you'll know I'm reading your blog!! I love the sofa table, and I'm really glad they refunded your shipping!! The invitation for Finley is adorable, and I love both the front and the back!!! Great job!! One cute thing that Karen did for Alex's first birthday was to select some of her favorite pictures from her first year, and she had a continuous slide show on her computer during the party. I can't comment about the iphone because I don't have one, but I am pleased with AT&T.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  4. I love the table and the invite. So cute. When is our Allison going to update her "little nest" blog with precious pictures of Finley? Can't wait to help decorate the table. love, mom

  5. i havent had any MAJOR problems with at&t in Tulsa, the only problems I have is with bad connections in Dallas or Austin. Although, I only have the 3g iphone so maybe thats why I havent had major issues? I say do it anyways because iphones seriously change your life, you'll never go back! Finley is seriously the cutest thing ever!! Such a DOLL!!

  6. I LOVE the invites! Oh my gosh! Do you do these on the side? How much do you charge? I would love to talk with you about designing baby announcements...but I need a ton! ANYWAY! Adorable!

    My brother-in-lawe has the I Phone 4 as well as every other I-(fill in the blank), and he LOVES it. I have had AT&T forEVER and have the phone just before the IPhone4, and I love it. The service is spotty, but I think that is the deal with everyone's service. Or at least that is what I tell myself so I don't get ticked off!

    Finally! I love your table. KUDOS on taking the initiative to get your money back. Pottery Barn has recently double charged me for a chair I bought Mallory. I paid in store with a gift credit, and then they charged my credit card $58! Ugh...so now I am trying to prove it. Annoying to say the least.

  7. Oh my goodness, Finley's invites are SO CUTE!! You did an amazing job!
    I can't believe they refunded that money to you. What a great company!

  8. Way to be a hard*** and get your free shipping!! NICE!

    I LOVE Finley's invite!! How could it not be cute, with that darling little babe on the front?? I can't believe she's already a year! Can't wait to see her party pics- I'm sure you have some fantastic decorations planned!

    OH! And I totally need to talk to you about an announcement for Tiny Dancer! IF you're interested in taking on a high maintenance customer!! ;)

  9. The invite is ADORABLE!!!!!!! :)

  10. Love the invite - especially the 1 on the back, what a cute idea!

    Also - the iPhone 4 is amazing, you should totally get it!

  11. Have you seen the Owl costume at PB kids? Immediately thought of you and little Finley.


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