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One of my favorite blogs that I follow is Little Ant Design. She is amazingly creative, rivals Martha Stewart, and always has THE best ideas. Add her to your blog roll. Here are some of the fun Halloween ideas she has posted recently.

This candied apple idea that she posted as an inspiration from Matt Bites is brilliant. I love the use of the real twigs as the sticks. When I owned my own floral business we would do this with the card. Instead of using those ugly plastic sticks we would get twigs from the yard to put our cards in the arrangement. It is amazing how a natural resource completely transforms your design.

This great candy corn treat was featured and is so cool. The idea came from Life is a Banquet and is just layers of butterscotch pudding, banana cream pudding and whipped cream. Seriously, I could do that. I love simple creations.

And are these not just presh? A brownie, a marshmallow, some icing and food coloring and you have these ghoulish treats. Get the recipe at

In other news, my poor little Carter is sick! I can only imagine being a parent of a heart breaks for my tiny angel. He is not feeling well and has a little puppy fever. So, send him some puppy tail wags and licks. I know he would appreciate them. We went to the vet today, so hopefully he will be good as new soon. I never thought I would say this, but I miss his ornery behavior and wanting to go on walks all the time.


  1. So sorry C-dog is sick! We will say a little prayer for him to feel better soon. Hopefully your vet visit gave him some good medicene to help things along! You can't keep a good dog down too long though! (maybe a trip to the Petco treat bins would help him feel better, though!! hee hee) Thanks for the cute ideas - one of Cooper's friends is having a halloween party, and I may send her some of these links - the pudding would be a cute treat for the kids, and easy to make too! love, Jennifer

  2. Thanks for the great idea! I checked out her blog and added her to my list. Great stuff on there!!

  3. Poor little Carter! I hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  4. Sorry to hear about your pooch!

    A big thanks for the way to kind words about my blog. I appreciate you sharing some of the idea found on little ant design - I hope others will take some of the ideas and try them for themselves


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