I ♥ Columbus Day

I ♥ Christopher Columbus. I also ♥ that we honor him with a day off of work once a year. I told Tommy that I would make an awesome stay at home dog mom. He promptly told me that I wouldn't because on my day off I only spent money and had no food around. So, I guess I will be a working woman for life ; ).

I really did have the best day. First, I got uninterrupted viewing of the Today Show --from my bed, which I did not leave until 9. Then I treated myself to a massage. (Tommy is still trying to get that qualified as an early Christmas gift. I think not.)

Then, I got to go see my sister and the baby! We had so much fun!!! We started by crafting. Well, sort of crafting. We can only do things that are very easy.

Because you guys know I love a before and after....here are our Michael's craft pumpkins before....
And here they are after. We busted out my cricut and some vinyl and created these puppies in about 15 minutes. I think they are super cute. Can you say pumpkins are classy? I think they are classy pumpkins.

Next, I got to take Baby Finley in the car with me for the first time. I was totally 10 and 2 and VERY careful. Isn't she presh?

Allison and I went out to Carmichael's Pumpkin Patch and met my other pumpkin, Max.
(Side note --- Did I tell you guys that Max is going to be a big brother? I am going to be an aunt again in May! In a 9 month span I will have gone from one nephew to four nieces and nephews. I am so excited!)
He had a play date with sweet little Addison.

The little peanut had fun too.

After the pumpkin patch, Allison and I went the Mecca also known as the world's largest Target. Heaven!!
When I got home I placed my new little pumpkins by my mantle and took some pics of my fall decor that my mom helped me put out this weekend. (It always looks better when she helps!)
Here is my mantle.

My friend, Allison, made this sign. I love it. I bought ones for each of my inlaws and my sister last year for Christmas with their last names.

I also thought this was really clever...my mom took what was a candle holder, turned it upside down and made it a little display. Cute!

Hope everyone else had as great of day as I did! XOXO


  1. Finley said to tell uncle Tommy to please let you be a stay at home dog mom. Today was soo much fun. I love sister bonding days!!

  2. Does your mom want to come decorate our house for fall? I will even wait and let her come help with the Christmas decor. Deal?

  3. Oh my gosh, your decorations are awesome!! Could you please come do something about my extremely non-festive home? And Baby Finley is SO cute!! Where did she get that sling??

  4. Oh, I tried out the glitter pumpkin idea over the weekend. Michael's actually has a Martha Stuart kit with the glitter & glue. I bought little plastic pumpkins at Hobby Lobby instead of using real ones. They turned out really cute. But I keep finding glitter stuck to me - ha! Anyway, thanks for the idea! I love the pumpkins you made with your cricut!

  5. That baby is ADORABLE!

    And cute pumpkins- way to get crafty! :)

  6. CUTE CUTE PUMPKINS! You have such fun ideas! I remember years ago when you decorated for fall you used a hurricane glass with candy corns and a candle and I thought gee wiz that's crafty! Maybe you should become an interior decorator! I'd hire you to help with my house!!!


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