Martha, Martha, Martha

Tonight I had to go visit Baby Finley...I hadn't seen her since Saturday. She was really missing her aunt. She is just so very sweet! But going to visit my little niece leaves little time for blogging. So, I will bring you some fun tricks and treats from the lovely Martha Stewart. I promise to only bring you ideas that are doable and require little skill. In other words, if I can do these anyone else can too.

I have made candle holders out of pumpkins for the past several Thanksgiving holidays and they are so easy. Honestly, you don't need whatever tool that is that is can just use a knife and hollow out the top. Super simple. Trust me. Believe it or not, I am NOT crafty. Like at all.
Isn't this cute? You could probably reuse the pumpkins afterward for the project above.
I love the spray painted look too. (See, I told you these would be easy.)
I also heart these. I am off work next Monday and I am totally thinking of taking on some projects. This looks like one I could easily do. If I am so ambitious, I will post pics!
Lastly, these are really cute and I think only require some eyes to be cut out and a pumpkin hollowed. I will not lie - I think I have only carved a pumpkin maybe three times in my life. Don't worry, Mom, I don't feel like I missed out. I remember those three times being a lot of work. But if I were to carve a pumpkin this would be the way to go!

Enjoy! I will be back with some more fun finds soon!


  1. Finley is soooooooooooo cute. Look at all that hair! I bet your sister had a lot of heartburn! :) I also love the holiday ideas - keep'em coming. I am hoping to get my fall decorations out this weekend (and get my house clean, and get some yard work done and bath all 5 dogs) so much to do so little time! LOL

  2. Can't say I blame you - it would be hard to stay away from all that sweet newborn-ness of Ms. Finley! She is precious precious! Oh, I miss that little newborn stage where they just sleep and eat and look around a sweet and tiny! Can't wait to meet her, and keep posting about her - we don't mind!!! Great ideas, even if they are from the diva Martha! love, Jennifer

  3. Love the new background!

    These are fabulous ideas! I was just looking at my new MS Living mag this afternoon for some inspiration. Thanks!

  4. Finley is so precious and adorable . . .that pacifier lets us see how really tiny she is!!! Your mother said Finley is even more beautiful in person, and I can hardly wait to see her. Keep those holiday ideas coming . . . I'm actually going to try some of them. I really do miss you when you don't blog every day. Love, Aunt Angie

  5. She is soooo sweet! I can't get over her cuteness. Her comibined with my new nephew is giving me baby fever out of control here! And great martha ideas...I think I could even do some of them. :)

  6. I'm going to try the glitter pumpkin idea - love it!


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