And Let There be Cake

This weekend I went to one of my favorite events of Fall -- the Sugar Art Show at the Tulsa State Fair. The wedding cake contest this year had a nautical theme - "Of Sea and Shore."

Here are some of my faves. I really loved the pulled sugar on this one. Can you imagine traveling with something this fragile???

Isn't that coral amazing? Even more amazing since it is all sugar.

I took three shots of this cake. It was impressive from all sides. Look at how much detail went into that map.

I LOVED this cake. The table setting really enhanced it too.

Isn't that map awesome???
The coral detail on this is impressive. I am so amazed at the talent!

This one was so tall I had trouble taking a picture.

Of all the cakes, this is the one I would most want at my wedding. I thought it was really simple, but still had a huge impact.

I will post more of the other cakes in the competition later this week.


  1. I'm so glad you posted these! That's one of my Fair favorites, too and I'm missing out this year since I'm homebound with this new baby girl. Love it!


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