Halloween Costumes...ugh

You guys know I hate dressing up. Not just for Halloween. I really don't like dressing up in general. Costumes -ugh. Formal dresses - blech. I know. I am an anomaly.

However, this year Tommy has RSVP'd us for a Halloween party. Because I don't want to be the lamest one there, I MAY dress up. I am thinking about going as a chef.

1- Because it is ironic. Sadly, the irony will be lost on everyone at the party, considering I will know about 4 people.

2- The real reason is because I could get one of these adorable aprons from Pier 1 and not feel the least bit guilty about it. At least it would get used.

I will let you guys know what the final decision is. Also, I forgot to tell you guys, I finally bought my first headband! I will try to take some pics tomorrow. I know you have just been waiting on pins and needles.


  1. Katie-Kate!!!! You know how I lourve aprons almost as much as I love my first born!!! Seriously!! I have so many aprons and every time I buy one,I convince myself that I will totally wear it...and not just to clean the house in a coordinated outfit that will make Luke think I am super-wife!!

    Oh...and have fun dressing up!

  2. Those aprons are the BEST! I have a few cute ones myself, but I ALWAYS forget to put one on when I cook! Very cute, though. Costume parties never sound appealing to me either, but they usually end up being a blast!


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