Celebrating the last day of my 20s -- eek!

Today I woke up to an awesome surprise -- a last day of my 20s gift, if you will! I just so happened to check my blogs before work, only to find this amazing surprise at the TomKat Studio's blog.

I won all of this fun loot: a handpicked selection of PaPaYa items including an assortment of cards, file folders, notepads, a journal & Kim's favorite wall hanging! Yay!

Thanks so much, Kim. I cannot wait to see all of my PaPaYa items in person and, of course, I heart you and all of your fun ideas and creations!


  1. Good for you, Katie!! That looks like a lot of great stuff. Have a Happy 30th Birthday tomorrow!!
    Love you, Aunt Angie

  2. Yeah!! What a fun surprise! I'm jealous...but I guess you deserve it with your birthday coming up and all. :)

  3. Happy Birthday! You deserve to win, you have been such a loyal follower/commenter on my blog and I appreciate it!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Hope the celebration is great and I love the winnings...


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