Just looked at my blog analytics and had a good laugh. Apparently, I am not the only one wondering if I am too old for headbands. There are at least 12 other people out there asking that very question. At least this month. I am sure there were over 100 last month.

Now I am really wondering...Blair has gone to college and thrown her headbands out. I mean she is playing a 19 year old. 30 must be way too old. However, I still want one. Really badly.

I will keep you guys posted. This has been going on since August.


  1. that is awesome!! i finally bought one...patrick says it looks cute on me but i'm a little self-concious. go for it! :)

  2. maybe if we ever get to do that girls' weekend, a requirement could be wearing a headband at some point! then perhaps we'd feel less self-conscience about it! ha! (power in numbers you know! - oh, and you can be "queen" for the weekend, promise!)

  3. Beth had one on in dallas and she looked super cute in it!


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