First, a little shameless self promotion...the baby bird shower that we threw for my sister was featured today on the Creative Party Place! You guys will love this blog. She has so many great ideas! I swear no theme has been missed.

In other news, little Finley is already one month old! Isn't it hard to believe? Allison took her to the doctor last week and she is already weighing 7.7! She has gained 2 pounds and grown an inch. It is hard to believe they grow that fast. This is a picture I took last night. She is such a pretty baby. I just love her.

Tommy and I also got a huge treat last night when our nephew came to visit in his Halloween costume. When we were in Germany this summer we picked him up this whole outfit. Is he not absolutely precious? He has so much personality and is just the absolute cutest.

I think the hat is about to do him in....

Uncle Tommy, what do you think?

It is super hard to take pictures of a moving target. No wonder I am not interested in photography.
More soon! Tomorrow is meet Pioneer Woman Day!!! I cannot wait. Hopefully, I will have pictures to share of our meet and greet tomorrow. ; )


  1. Hurray for the Lederhosen!!! LOVE IT.

  2. Super cute Finley, Super Cute Nephew! I think you guys have it made as Aunt Katie & Uncle Tommy! That Lederhosen outfit is great - it reminds me of that line from the oldie but goodie Disney movie about ice skating "the Cutting Edge", where the other pairs team gets knocked out of contention because "her skate got tangled up in his Lederhosen". Anyway, I digress. Have a great Halloween! love, Jennifer


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