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I just became a subscriber of Real Simple Magazine (don't tell my husband...he thinks subscribing to 8 magazines is insane. I say it is research). Oh my gosh, I have so been missing out! This magazine is so good!

I wanted to share a couple of fun finds that I have come across in the magazine.

2 simple things to do with pumpkin puree (from October's issue):

1 - Pumpkin Pancakes - Prepare 1 cup dry pancake mix according to package directions. Whisk in 1/3 can pumpkin puree. **It's me talking -- I could soooo do this.**

2- Pumpkin Whipped Cream (Makes 2 cups) - Beat together 1 cup heavy cream, 1 cup confectioner's sugar and 1 tbs canned pumpkin puree until soft peaks form. **Katie again - seriously, totally doable. I am thinking this over coffee and served with Coffee Mate's pumpkin spice creamer. What a perfect Thanksgiving dessert drink. Must remember this.**

From November's issue, the best idea was for all of you dog lovers. Does it not drive you insane when your dog's tags jingle incessantly? Well, a reader had the great idea to add key protectors to the top of the tags to keep them from hitting each other. I wish I had a visual to show you, but this is such a good idea. Pretend to know what I am talking about.

Another fun find in November's issue is this straining ladle from one of my favorite online stores, Spoon Sisters.

This ladle lets you seperate your broth from the meat. I especially like this because I prefer to eat just the meat in my soup. Soup is just so....well, soupy.


  1. I love Real Simple too - it is the only magazine subscription I have! And Petsmart sells those plastic dog tag covers. Ed and Sal wear them and it helps a ton! Hope you have a great day! Ann

  2. Can I ask a question here?

    What the heck is Pumpkin Puree used for?

  3. Hi Sarah, great question. Especially great question since I am not 100% sure and don't cook. I am guessing pumpkin puree is canned pumpkin that you get at the grocery store. Anyone here know the real answer?


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