Seriously, I need to have a Halloween Party

As mentioned, I am not a huge Halloween fan. However, I swear this holiday has the most fun decor. Check out these cute ideas I found at Celebrations at Home.

Little eyes on glasses - brilliant. And the wine glasses with spinders - even more brilliant. Those would be fun with vinyle decals or stickers. Hmmm...I am going to have to throw a party.

Check out more ideas at Value Village. There are downloadable instructions for all of this funness!


  1. Halloween is on a Saturday this year.....just pointing that out. And Saturdays are good nites for parties (not too tired from workday on Friday, day to recover on Sunday). Just b/c it's a Halloween party doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a costume party, but if you do a costume it right - prizes for best, most outrageous, etc. and play some silly games that get funnier as people imbibe. Some great stuff - some friends of mine have one every year (instead of a Xmas party or the like). The stories are legendary. Hope you had a great b-day and hope to see you soon! love, Jennifer


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