What a blessing!

Almost a year ago I held a contest on my blog giving away items from Multiple Blessings. Lets just say, wow, what a difference a year makes. Caroline has fulfilled almost every entrepreneur's dream - being discovered. I would like to attribute that to my blog. But, I am pretty sure there are only five of you reading it. Just kidding. Sort of. (I do use my analytics...hello lurkers! Or, Kelsey and Jackie, you guys really are checking my site 100 times a day.)

Let's start with the most exciting news first! Caroline's designs are now licensed!! Meaning we will start to see her inspirational quotes and designs in Target, Walmart and drug stores throughout the US. I cannot wait to photograph myself in Target (and I so will) with one of her designs!!! Basically, I now know someone super famous. And you all pretty much do too - since you know me. One degree of seperation, at the most. Here are her designs embroidered on hand towels-- we will see these in gift shops near us soon! Seriously, that is just so cool.

Caroline's other exciting news is she is now blogging. We can keep up everything going on with her business, her family and everything in between. Since my biggest idols are entrepreneurs, (Donny Deustch, will you ever contact me?) I am super excited to keep up with her business and her products coming out! Caroline, I would also LOVE to know how this all came about. Will you fill us in on that one day too?

And, the exciting news for us is Caroline is selling all the inventory in her store for 50% off! I always get compliments on my cute cards whenever I enclose them in a package, so I have to share the love. Here are some of my faves:

A cupcake birthday card! Hello - adorable!
I have these Grace Bits and I just love them. There are 36 little sheets of note paper - perfect for writing a cute note!

This would look cute in my sister's baby's room. I absolutely love the whimsical birds. Even though it is hard to choose, I have to say this is my favorite in Caroline's collection!

I also have these and love them. I was going to a wedding every weekend, so it was so nice to have a bunch of cards on hand.

Since everyone I know is having a baby, these "Congratulations on your new chick" cards have gotten a lot of mileage and everyone loves them (including me).

With these good deals, it would be so fun to put together a gift packet for a friend (or yourself) with greeting cards for every occasion. Oh, and the 50% discount will be given once you begin the check out process. So, go shop and enjoy!
Congratulations Caroline! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to keep up with your journey!


  1. That is SO insanely cool!!

    And cracking up at your comment about the lurkers. :)

    Love all of her stuff!!

  2. That is amazing!!! Glad I finally "know" a celeb--I like the one degree of separation theory!

    And, I totally think it all came about because of her contest on your blog :) You are awesome!!

  3. Katie - I think her embroidered hand towels look so cute. Did I overlook them on her website or are they just not available yet! Your trip to Chicago looked fun! Love, Ann

  4. Hi, Katie,
    All of her work is adorable, but I am partial to the birds, also. Are those the colors that Allison is planning to use in the nursery? That would be so precious for the baby.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  5. Hi ladies! Thanks Katie, for the kind and funny post! The guest towels will be distributed to gift shops and department stores across the US by Peking Handicraft, Inc, the manufacturer and I am waiting to find out if I will get permission to sell them through my website. I will keep Katie posted on that. Thanks for the sweet comments and spread the word to your friends about the 50% off closeout sale!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Katie,

    I'm friends with Allison through a mutual friend Amy Bullington. Anywho, when we were talking last night, she mentioned your blog and I'm officially hooked...and disappointed that I'm just now finding out about it! :)

    How do I get my hands on that framed bird art?


  7. Hi Nicole!

    Glad you found my blog! I think the bird print is sold out but she has the same pattern on a number of other items:



    Hope that helps! Thanks for visiting

  8. Hi ladies! The bird print sold out so quickly! We did get an order out for Sarah L. in Tulsa...(being shipped this week (not sure if that is one of you reading here) but think she got the last one! Lots of other goodies on the website though and the birds are available on the magnetic notepads and they are great. 50 sheets on a pad and heavy magnetic backing. Plenty left in that design!


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