A compilation - kind of like mixed tape

Because I am a magazine freak and subscribe to at least 10 (don't tell my husband) on my trip to Chicago I brought about 8 that I hadn't had time to read yet. Lucky for you (and because I am a MAJOR nerd) I pulled all the pages of things I thought I needed to share (and then carried these around the city with me...I am that loyal.)

Oh, none of these really go together either. Think of it more of a menagerie or like a mixed tape.

First, if you don't subscribe to the Food Network Magazine you are totally missing out. And that is coming from someone who doesn't cook. Anyway, they have great entertaining ideas like this cocktail keg. I really want to try this! Hollow a watermelon and insert a tap from Keg Works and you have quite a statement. And basically you will keep people hydrated too...with all that water and all.

Also featured in the magazine was a whole section on using citrus. I cannot find the pics online but this will give you a good idea. Also think oranges, limes and lemons. I have done this in the fall with mini-pumpkins but this is such a fresh idea for summer!Fruit place cards were also the rage - love these - they are reusable and super cute. Another fun idea that I could not find in Google Images (and trust me I looked) was taking a lemon, cutting it into slices, removing the everything but the rind and then putting the leftover "ring" around a crisp white napkin.

Another centerpiece that was featured was a real pineapple hollowed out, like a vase, and hydrangeas coming out. Now this was so cute but have you ever tried to cut a real pineapple? You would have to have one heck of a knife to get the inside out with out cutting into the outside. But, I am also very weak.
Now for the unrelated part...are these wine bottle holders not just clever?

Cheers! More later!


  1. Such great ideas!! They make me want to host a summertime dinner party :)

  2. I LOVE the watermelon keg!! Too cute!


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