Monday, July 20, 2009


When deciding what to post about today it was either:

1- The very dramatic story of calling the Tulsa Fire Department last night to come to my house so I could sleep, for fear that I was dying a slow death from carbon monoxide poisoning. Which we weren't. But, that story really ended up being pretty boring. I am not dying. I have no carbon monoxide in my home. And, my ill-stomach and lethargy probably had more to do with my evening out the night before.

2- A hilarious site I found for gifts for all the special someones in your life. I decided this would be much more entertaining.

As I mentioned on my Chicago post, my Food Network magazine has the coolest stuff. Including a mention of the website Archie McPhee.

I really want these little ice cubes. They will be perefect for the next wii party I have....which cannot happen until I clean my house. So, I am sure that will take place about 6 months from now. (I still have not gotten that house keeper I was promised.)
I don't know why, but this cracks me up. Can you imagine bacon floss? I cannot decide if that is disgusting or brilliant.
Bacon floss doesn't talk to you? How about a corndog air freshener? Nothing like the smell of the fair wafting through your vehicle.

At least these don't smell:

But this does. I am sure all the men in your life would love these!

Tomorrow I am going to post some new baby finds I came across while "personal shopping" for a friend! XOXO


Anonymous said...

Oh, my sweet Katie......your blog is the only thing that keeps me going during my 2 am feedings. I crack up every time I read, or follow, a site/blog/twitter you mention. I totally owe you a drink! Which is nasty for me to suggest considering what I am doing.....thanks for keeping me sane (and awake)!!


Katie said...

Always glad to help! Love you!!!

denise said...

love the ice cubes!

stepfabulous said...

Wherever do you find this stuff????

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