DIY Grocery Store Flowers

I just uploaded some pics that have been on my camera for a few weeks and I came across a bouquet I did for a housewarming party a few weeks ago. Everything came from Reasor's and I got the hostas from my yard. Super easy and I think it was only $16 worth of flowers but it looks like a $50 arrangement (if I do say so myself)! I used stargazer lilies, orange gerberas, hot pink roses and some purple filler flowers. The vase is about $4 at Michaels.

The most difficult part of flower arranging is cutting the stems so that they are not too high for your container. Once you got that down, cake!


  1. Boy do I miss you and your fresh cut flowers!!!!

  2. Why can't I make flower arrangements like that! It just doesn't work!!!! I am flower challenged~

  3. Mine NEVER turn out like that...and you make it look/sound so easy!! Love it though! :)

  4. beautiful!!!! I love the feeling of getting a beautiful bouquet out of grocery store flowers!


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