Show Your Independence

Happy 4th of July! My mom had us over for a cookout today and had the cutest table decor. Some ribbon, some buttons and a hot glue gun and you have yourself a cute flower arrangement.
We will be spending our evening out with friends and comforting Pudge. This 95-pound giant is afraid of fireworks (and thunder). Today has been quite a day. But, we love our little (big) angel.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a better year for him. So, Happy 5th of July, Pudge!


  1. I see where you get your talent. Those table arrangements are great!!! Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Bear (our old 95 lbs. black lab mix that passed away 2 yrs ago) always hated fireworks and thunder too.....must be a big dog thing! He would literally cower at our feet and shake during the 4th of July - that big old dog acted like a tiny baby during loud noises! Hope Pudge made it thru the holiday ok! love, Jennifer

  3. I hope Pudge did ok, we're sorry we took his mom and dad away for the evening!

  4. Wow - now I see where you get your creativity from~ Fabulous~


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