Juxtaposition and a Farmer's Market

The flowers in Chicago rivaled those on my Germany trip earlier this summer. (This is it for vacay's for awhile.) The city was abloom - a former florist's dream!

It is so awesome to see a city with all of the skyscrapers intermixed with the natural beauty of flowers on ground. Keep in mind I am no photographer, so this is as good as it gets.

I do not lie when I tell you that these hydrangeas were as big as my head. I tried to get Tommy to jump in there for comparison sake but he "wants to reduce his online footprint" and flatly refused.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting any city is to visit the Farmer's Market. Strange - considering everything is pretty much perishable. But, whatev. I can't help what I like.

Fortunately, my friend Mindy let us stay a few nights with her and I wanted to get her something for her new house/30th birthday/thanks-for-letting-us-stay-with-you gift. (I know, I probably could have done better - especially considering this is more of a gift to me to put flowers together.)
Start with a medley of wild flowers -- in here we have zinnias, lilies and some other flowers I cannot identify.
I took the twine and tied it around the vase.

Next, put in the lilies.

Fill with the white drapey flowers...I thought they looked like Stars of Bethlehem and the owner told me what they were but you can only count on me for so much.

Add some color and you have a finished arrangement!

See, wasn't that easy?


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