I have no idea why but there have been a couple of commercials/ads lately that just get on my nerves. Why? I have no idea. But, I must share. Maybe venting will help.

I am a huge fan of Lowe's. They do so many great things for Habitat and I love that they have designed their stores to be more "female-friendly." Take me to Lowe's over Home Depot any day. That being said. I CANNOT stand this ad. Do they think we are dumb???

Although I have never been pregnant, I am pretty sure if I was this enormous I would know that I was not having just one and wouldn't need to call my mom to pick out two more names. I think they would have picked that up on appointment 2 at the latest. Okay, vent over. Deep breaths. ; )

On the national/international level, I am annoyed when Walmart advertises that they shop their competitors daily and adjust their prices to be lower, so we don't have to shop around. I am no dummy (wow, I think I found the root of my frustration) and don't like to be reminded that Walmart is going to make the most off me as they possibly can. I totally applaud this. It is a good business model. But, you don't have to actually come out and say it in your ad.

My last consumers-must-be-total-idiots ad is Joe Cooper Ford's ad heading westbound on the BA. The billboard states - "We will beat any competitor's price by $500 or give you $10,000." Might as well say, "We will beat any competitor's price by $500 or we will give you a $1,000,000."

Dear Joe Cooper's marketing team,

I can do math.



Wow, that was cathartic. I think I can move on with my life now.


  1. I know what you mean about stupid commerials. We get them in all the time~ LOL

    Who loves ya Oklahoma~ he he he

  2. This is hilarious!
    And who says they don't market to children, when my 3 year old passes Subway and says, "Mommy, it's Subway Eat Fresh!"


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