Hostess Gifts

Hope emailed me the other day and had a recommendation for me to do a post on good hostess gifts! I love bringing little gifts to parties and I thought this was really timely too.

Well, first, there is the obvious choice -- wine. If I know the host's favorite bottle I will buy that or get my favorite, Relax Riesling.

I also try to have some hostess gifts on hand....just in case something comes up. I actually bought a notepad from Hope at her holiday open house and it has come in handy! I definitely would recommend buying a To Do List from her. They really are cute and make great gifts.

And, she also sells the Friends & Neighbors and Kid's notecards that I featured in my first contest . I bought the Friends & Neighbors tin and have actually given it as a birthday gift! Love to have these around!

Another great holiday gift is coffee or hot chocolate in a personalized cup. My boss gave me the best gift! She gave me a Starbucks gift card with the cup below that she personalized with my 3 boys pictures. I just love it! And, it was so creative.

Another great gift, especially for a house-warming, would be a personalized stamp from Miss Bee's Specialties. Megan got me the one below a few Christmases ago and I absolutely love it. I also bought some of the accessories, like the wine labels and notecards to use too.
Another fun gift that I like to give or receive are holiday hand towels and specialty soaps. Those are easy to come by and very inexpensive! Iris and I saw a really cute angel desiged hand towel made that we thought would be easy to recreate. Below is a visual...not really my style of towels but it should give you an idea of what the final product will look like! Get directions here.
Hope these help you with your hostess gifts this season! XOXO


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