Dollar Menuaire

I cannot believe I have not posted about this yet. But, I am a Dollar Menuaire.

It is true. I eat at McDonald's. I loathed the fact that they put one right around the corner from my house. There were signs in people's yards with No McDonald's. I thought the smell wafting from the building would make it to my house. But, I will admit I have come around and I have some favorites at the corporate giant called McDonald's.

First, I have to give the one by house props. It is a pretty nice McDonald's. Flat screens. Wi-fi. Clean. So, not too much to complain about. I will admit, though, that I have a weakness and it is not for their fries. It is for the Hot Caramel Sundaes. $1. Cannot beat it. I probably have one a week. I am not lying. I am in love with them. If you have not had one in awhile, you will be surprised. And, while you are there try the Chicken McNuggets again. Did you guys know a 6-piece is only 280 calories?


  1. As the mommy of two I am FOR SURE a "Dollar Menuaire." The next time you see me it will be more than obvious I have at least 1 carmel sundae a week as well!!!

  2. I love McDonald's! Their McNuggets are my favorite and they are all white meat. I'm also a fan of the Mighty Kids meal, it's only $3.24 and it's quite a bit of food. The Dollar Menu can be cheaper than making a meal at home!


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