Philbrook Christmas

Yesterday Brenna and I went to the Philbrook to take a class called "not your grandmother's Christmas cards." The class was fun, the company superb but lets just put it this way...I am not crafty. After three hours I left the class with not one completed card. Not one. Tons of paper and ideas but not one card ; ). Oh well, I am just going to accept that arts and crafts is not in my skill set and move on. I think computer generated art might be more my thing.

But, while there I did get to see the holiday tree display that the Philbrook auctions off annually as a fundraiser. I have not been to the tree display in several years but this year I noticed there was more art from students than in the past. There were still some trees designed by artists/designers but a smaller variety than I remember. There seemed to be a southwest theme...but I cannot be sure for certain. For those of you who were not able to make it I did document my favorites for your viewing.

The large cactus displayed in the back was very impressive. It was done out of mosaic tile and wood and sat on a roller for easy movement. I love this Christmas tree framed art made out of antique postcards and holiday cards. It would be beautiful to put up in your house year after year.

This piece was made out of what looks like "old world" style ornaments broken up and made into a tree shape. It was very bright and looks like it is easy to hang on a wall or door.

This cactus was all velvet/velour and you can see the holiday lights on the tops.

This whole tree was decorated by children all out of legos. Very clever and cute for that age group!


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