Peekaboo Pumpkin

Last year around this time, I threw my sister-in-law, Kristen, a baby shower for little Max! Since it was around the holiday's I wanted to incorporate the season into the shower and invites and I found the cutest ones at Peekaboo Pumpkin. They have darling stuff and are very affordable. Here are some cute ones:

I chose all holiday ones because they are really unique and hard to find. Trust me. This one is super cute. It is a holiday baby in a pea pod!

Peekabook Pumpkin also sells some really cute placemats and matching plates. This is a placemat from their holiday collection.
This is their Ewel-tide thank you note. Aren't those little sheep adorable???
Honestly, monkeys are just cute. This one is just huggable!

And, this is the invitation I got for Kristen. I did use a cuter phrase, something about the baby being a little boy and a Christmas joy...I cannot remember but I promise it would have blown you away!

Also, most of these come with little ribbons and they will adhere them for you for an extra 25 cents an invite. But, they are so easy to put on yourself, so you can save a couple bucks if you choose this option.


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