Early Christmas

There are two dogs in Tulsa who will be receiving lumps of coal in their stockings this year, as they have both partaken in an early Christmas celebration. I, too, wondered how these faces of innocence could prove to be so poorly behaved.

After a nice evening out I came home to the following empty wrappers all over my floor! UGH!!! Bad dogs!!!!!

Tommy's stocking was to have contained some Gummi Bears, Chocolate Donuts (not my first choice, but he loves them) and a German candy treat. I don't know if we got home too soon or if they just could not get the package open but the beef jerky somehow remained unscathed.

My mom's stocking stuffers were also eaten. She had Jelly Belly Beans and I had gotten her some Harry & David Bing Cherries. Have I mentioned I could kill them????

Now I have had these in the same place for a week....why would they decide tonight to get into the bag and throw a party? They are so in the dog house.


  1. Katie, You are such a talented writer!! I needed a good laugh tonight, and you provided me with that. Thanks! Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Those dogs are bad!

  3. katie, sorry i had to giggle at this story!!!! your babies were bad boys, but I am sure it was just their stomachs getting the best of them!!! kels

  4. Kate - Kelsey told us about this today at brunch(we missed you)I had to run home & read the story. Those silly boys! You should call Santa and tell him they were so naughty. Merry Christmas!!! Love -Ann


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