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There is one positive to Tommy's parents living so far away from us but still in the same county....Freshberry is on the way. I never would have tried this fabulousness if I didn't have to pass it on my way there. You guys, it is so good I would go out of the way to eat it. I am just lucky I go to Tommy's parents at least once a week....and this week I have already been to Freshberry twice. For my Tulsa readers, our local Freshberry is at 111th and Memorial. I know, its not around many of our neck of the woods but it is soooo worth the drive.

Okay, so how is the yogurt any different than TCBY, Braums, even McDonald's : )? Honestly, you have never tasted another yogurt like it! It is more tart than sweet...but in a good way. And, you know I love a good sweet. Growing up in Shreveport we would often have yogurt from this place called Counter Culture Yogurt and the yogurt was really tart and the toppings were granola and fresh fruit and honey. (It sounds weird but it was soooo fabulous...especially the honey!) The Freshberry Yogurt is so close to my childhood memories --it is the perfect substitute. The past three times I have been I have gotten the tart yogurt with granola and fresh strawberries and blueberries. It just tastes so healthy. If there was one in midtown, I would have to go on a "Freshberry Budget" because I would seriously want one daily.

If you are on the fence about tart yogurt, they give free samples of all of their flavors. The strawberry tastes less tart and more like "regular" frozen yogurt to me. And, tonight I also tried the acai berry (you know -- the superfruit) and I loved that flavor too. I think I will try that next time.

Kelsey, I know you love a good dessert find. We must go when you get back in town! Let me know if you guys try it! I promise you will love it!


  1. I just saw a sign this week that said they're putting one in Jenks! It's going to be in the strip shopping center right outside the Riverwalk entrance. Yay!


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