So, would you like to be famous?

My friend Emily's former co-worker's brother-in-law (no, I am not kidding) is shooting a movie here in Tulsa. Actually, randomly enough, I had no idea this was going on here and saw them shooting this movie at 15th on Cherry Street. Who knew? Anyway, here are the details from Emily's former co-worker, Katie (yes, we have the same name):

My brother-in-law is making a movie here in Tulsa. He is needing extras very badly! If you are interested, please look at the website below for opportunities! 5 of my students have already participated, and I have too (and will be again next Sunday). Please forward this on to anyone you know...they are needing a lot of people at Jewel. If you are interested in any of the dates, locations, etc. let me know so I can send on information. It's an awesome opportunity!

Please remember me when you are rich and famous!


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