A collector's dream

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Our day was busy but relaxing. We spent a lot of time experiencing Christmas through Baby Max's eyes. He is just so cute! I have lots to fill you guys in on! I got some wonderful gifts and gave some fun ones too! So, more to come over the next few days.

But, as promised, I am featuring my Aunt Angie's fabulous Christmas display of mostly Hallmark ornaments. I cannot post everything because you have never seen a wonderland like this. But, I will post some highlights below. Just to give you an idea, Aunt Angie has up 8 large trees, a miniature tree, several garlands and wreaths. Each tree features a complementary topper and tree skirt.

To start, Aunt Angie loves birds. Below is her bird tree, along with some close ups of the birds.

Aunt Angie also has a bird garland displayed.
My mom also was a big Hallmark ornament collector. I used to wake up early and go with her and Aunt Angie the day after Christmas to get our Hallmark ornaments half off. My mom also has the blue birds singing in the nest below. It is one of my favorites.
My mom also has the blue bird in the egg nog box. I love it too!

Immediately when you walk in the front door, you are greeted with an angel tree filled with all of Aunt Angie's angel ornaments.

I love this idea for a tree. Aunt Angie has a picture tree of family and friends (it even revolves)!! I thought this would be a fun thing to do with all of the photo cards received over the holiday season.

This is the children's tree that she puts in her play room for the grandkids.

This is Aunt Angie's miniature tree. These are all mini Hallmark ornaments. (You know I love miniatures!)
This is Aunt Angie's Frosty Friends tree. It includes all of her snowmen, Eskimos, penguins and cold weather animals! I also have many of the Eskimo ornaments on my tree too.

Below is her Santa tree, which includes Santas, elves and reindeer.

In Aunt Angie's living room, she also has a religious tree that showcases nativity scenes, religious sentiments, etc...

This tree is one of my personal favorites. It is her animal/woodland creature tree. Tommy would love this one too. As you know, we are both huge animal lovers.
I love the puppy part of the tree!

I am so glad I could share this with you all. A special thanks to my aunt for taking and sending pictures of all of her favorite ornaments!


  1. Katie, You are so sweet to share my special Christmas trees, ornaments, and memories on your blog. You did a great job on the commentary, of course!!!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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