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My sweet Aunt Angie emailed me yesterday saying she was still waiting to see pictures of my house decorated for the holidays. For all of you who have never met my aunt, you have NEVER seen holiday decor until you visit her house. Aunt Angie has long been a collector of Hallmark ornaments for as long as I can remember and it is seriously something to behold. She has been featured on the local news because of her amazing decor. Just to give you an idea...she has only put up 2 of 7 trees for this holiday season! I will see if she will let us feature her trees on my blog once she is all decorated!

My house is not nearly as impressive, but I do enjoy decorating and that almost all of my decor has memories tied to it. Some are just memories of shopping after Christmas, but that still counts, right? : )
I think my dad got these for my mom...not sure. But, I love them!
A few Christmasses ago my mom got me these beautiful Christmas china. I think it goes well in my dining room.

Iris gave me this great idea for table runners. She just takes simple wrapping paper and runs it the length of the table and you have an inexpensive and festive runner!

This is my new nativity scene. I love it. It is hard to see but my favorite is the woman on the left holding the lamb. It reminds me of Carter. I want to add some holiday greenery to this too...

Tommy's family from Germany came over for our wedding and brought us this authentic German item. I love it and it is one of the only items that Tommy wants to put up at Christmas.

Our normal tree. But, I love that each ornament has a meaning. My mom gave me many of her Hallmark ornaments and my friend Kelly recommended that we collect ornaments from our travels. It was such a good idea and it is a great motivator to get Tommy to help!
I got this one on our cruise last Thanksgiving in St. Maarten. (I have no idea why this is formatting like this....)

Now, this one has sentimental is a little sad, as Mrs. Claus has lost her foot and Santa has lost his snorkel. But, my sister bought this for Tommy and I at our wedding in Florida...I think they lost their limbs in transit.
Kristen and Brannon got us this little crab to remind us of trips to Baltimore!
I love my Starbucks ornaments. Tommy gets me one every year!
Kristen got this for Tommy and I! So cute and personalized! Love it.
One of my favorite Hallmark ornaments.
Tommy just loved this one. We got it in Orlando this summer at Epcot. Reminds him of his German heritage.
We got this one at the Paris hotel in Vegas. My ring has an Eiffel Tower setting, so it was fitting.

Tommy's parents got us this one. Marianne is so funny, she painted the little white spot to get a more authentic replica of the boys!
Aunt Pam gave me a collection of ornaments for the newlywed when we got married. I love them and they are a German tradition. Marianne and Vic gave all the kid's their first family ornament a few years ago ; ).

Anyway, sorry for the extra long post! This afternoon I am going to the Philbrook to see the holiday trees and take a class, so hopefully I will have some fun stuff to post this afternoon!


  1. Katie, you are just so precious!! I am very impressed with your decorations, and everything looks beautiful. I love the Christmas dishes from your mother, and I love, love your comments about your special ornaments. Thanks for sharing with all of us, and I will send photos when I finish decorating!!!! Love, Aunt Angie


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