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First, I tried the Sonic Sugar Cookie Blast. I didn't have high hopes when I waited (literally) about 8 minutes in the drive-through for my treat and the guy said he had to go dig around the freezer to find the sugar cookies...leading me to believe I was the first person to order it. However, it was pretty darn awesome. I would totally get another one!

My friend Megan today sent me some really fun ornaments for the tree, which gave me the idea to go look for more.

My tree is made up mainly of Hallmark ornaments, which my mom used to collect when I was little. Hallmark has a great deal this weekend where you can get $10 off the recordable story books (that I am sure all grandmas would love to get their little ones) with any purchase. I even have a coupon for you here. My favorite Hallmark ornament this year is Dwight Shrute.

My other favorite place to peruse ornaments is Crate&Barrel.com. This one would be perfect for my sister and I.
And these would be perfect for Janie and Sarah!

And these are the dogs that started it all from Z Gallerie. Tommy would die. He LOVES when Pudge does "stoic dog."

Also, from Z Gallerie and totally presh. Kind of makes me want to put my dogs in a boa.

I don't think Carter would ever forgive me, though.


  1. Please, if you put Carter in a boa, let me take pictures!!

  2. I'm glad you're liking the Hallmark ornaments!!! I bought a "few" over the week-end, also!!
    Love, Aunt Angie


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