Thursday, September 30, 2010

Candy Corn Poms

I am kind of in love with these poms. Aren't they perfect and adorable??? I found these via Simply Creative Insanity who found them on Intimate Weddings.

They are a Martha Stewart design that can be purchased in a kit, but you can learn how to make them on Martha Stewart's site here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Favorite Things - Fall Edition - Volume 2

One of my hands-down most favorite things to do in the whole world in the fall is to go to the pet costume contest on Brookside. Seriously, love. This year the event is on October 30 at 1:00 p.m. I will so be there.
The first year we got Carter we took him. He hasn't been back since. I would say his personality would be described as "shy." (Or something like that.)
Wasn't he just the cutest baby?
Megan is introducing Carter to another dog. We hoped it would make him feel more comfortable. Yeah, not so much. (This is so a throwback picture...circa 2006.)

Don't you think it is so clever dressing up an animal as another animal??? Oh, the irony. I would love to dress Pudge up as a cat. However, Pudge isn't really allowed out in big groups. He could best be described as "friendly."

My favorite costume that I have ever seen and really one of the most clever is this pomeranian shaved to look like a lion.

The owner was dressed up as a tamer and there is a little bit of fake blood on the dog.

Okay, tell me your favorites! Also, let me know if you have seen any clever dog costumes!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

insult to injury

In addition to my email hacking, of course, they had to also get into my Facebook account, too. Ugh. I have no clue what is going on in the world : ).

Love, love, love!

Remember I told you my friend Addie was taking pics of Finley's party? You will DIE when you see them!! It was as much fun as getting wedding pictures back. My brother-in-law couldn't believe how fabulous they were. And, of course, my sister loved how sweet her tiny angel looked.

Addie did such a fabulous job! I definitely would recommend her 100 times over and it was such a huge relief for my sister to not have to worry about taking pictures of everything. Addie captured all of the details and more.

To view them, go here and enter the password one. Aren't the pictures awesome? And wasn't the party presh???

Monday, September 27, 2010

Owl Party Circle Download

Because it's Monday and everyone needs an owl in their life, I am giving away free downloads of my owl party circles. Just click here to download.
While you are at it, you can also download free party circles and party flags from the Sip & Sea we threw my new nephew Drew!

Here is the link for the circles.

Enjoy!!! And if you guys use these, I would love to see pics! : )


Sorry if you all got an email from me. I am not in London. (Though I wish I was, I am totally in Tulsa.) I have been spammed. I would love to send you all an email letting you know that...but my email has been shut down for spamming. Isn't that ironic??


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finley's Birthday Party Sneak Peek!

Because I know Addie got wayyyyy better pictures than I did, I thought I would give you guys a sneak peek and then post her fabulous pictures later.

Remember my Dogs Playing Poker Cake I got for Tommy for his 30th birthday? Allison used the same cake person to make Finley's cake. I think it turned out adorable and really matches the invites perfectly!

You guys, have you EVER seen so many presents in your life??? The doll house in the background is what Kyle (Allison's husband) made Finley for her birthday. It is an exact replica (dimensions and all) to Pottery Barn's version. Impressive! My nephew Max was also there and he had so much fun! (Do I not have the cutest nieces and nephews?? I wish I could take credit for some of his genetic makeup, but not so much.) Here he is eating the owl smores that were actually quite a labor of love. Not nearly as easy as promised.
The birthday girl with some of her new swag.

And tomorrow I may just have a free party circle for you guys to download ; ).

I guess I hyped up Finley's birthday present a little much. It actually isn't all that exciting. I got her an owl "basket" full of owl things. The basket was the owl treat bag from Pottery Barn Kids, 2 owl dresses, an owl shirt and this hat from etsy seller Amy K.

Not sure how well this is going to go over...

Happy birthday, little Fin! We love you so much! I promise to post more pics soon! Check back tomorrow for your free download.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One year ago today...

...Little Finley was born! It is hard to believe that she was only a little over 5.5 pounds. Today she is a big girl - 22 pounds. Or is it 23? Doesn't really sure feels like a lot when your arm gets sore from holding her.

1 Day old with her Aunt KK (or Aunt Cake - I go by both) (please take note of the world's greatest aunt shirt).

3 months old

5 months old

8 months old
Such a big girl now!

Finley is walking and babbling. She LOVES Uncle Tommy. Allison and I went to lunch with Finley earlier this week and I asked Finley where Uncle Tommy was. Bless her, she kept looking around for him. It was really sweet, but I felt sort of evil since Tommy was at work.
I am super excited about her owl party today. My sister has worked really hard on it and it will be presh! Also, my friend Addie is starting a photography business and luckily for all of us, she will be taking the pictures.
More later...I cannot wait to show you what I got her!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Favorite Things - Fall Edition

I kind of ♥ fall. My birthday is in the fall. The weather pretty much rocks (with the exception of today's). And the holiday's are right around the corner.

So, I decided that I would bring you my Favorite Fall Things.

1- Who doesn't love a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks? My friend Aja, though, has found a little gem when you don't want to shell out $6 for your fall treat - QuikTrip has their own Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino. It is a little sweeter, but at $1.07, I can take it :).

2- The Caramel Apple Cider at Starbucks. (Are you noticing a theme here?) Seriously, even if you are not an apple cider lover, I would almost guarantee you will love this. It is fall in a cup. My sister and I were so hooked on them one year we found a recipe to make them ourselves.

3- This was an easy segue - Caramel Apples. I actually made these tonight just for this post. I am such a martyr.

I got this caramel wrap from Walmart (because I am wayyyyy too lazy to melt the caramel and dip these myself. Seriously, can you imagine the clean up????)
It kind of looks like a little tortilla.
Just wrap it around your caramel apple.

Stick the sticks in. Bake them on 200 for 5 minutes and....

voila, you've got this:

Okay, Tommy is calling me to watch Modern Family (another favorite!), so I will post more of my faves tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pretty much got nothing

Sorry for the lack of posts. I haven't even come across anything that interesting to write about. Other than Gossip Girl is back on. Is anyone else sad that Blair and Chuck are officially over?

Well, the only exciting thing going on in my life is that Finley turns one this week! I cannot believe it! Her owl party is this Saturday and these adorable "smores" from Living Locurto may or may not make an appearance.

Maybe tomorrow will bring something more exciting to blog about?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In love with this flower arrangement...

I may have to recreate this. Like tomorrow. See the tutorial here on One Charming Party.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

See ya, Chicago!

Believe it or not, on our last day we only had one meal, brunch, before heading back to Tulsa. We made it once again to Hot Chocolate for hot chocolate and feasted on their "don't miss" Monkey Bread. That's a side of caramel, friends!

For my meal I got the fried egg and goat cheese sandwich with tomatoes.

And just to prove that we actually did something other than eat...

Millenium Park - our picture in the bean. I am such a great photographer.

And I seriously loved the button for the 4th floor at the Macy's (formerly Marshall Fields).

Hmmm...what am I going to write about tomorrow???

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