Run in with the law

Got pulled over this morning. I saw it coming. I had the foresight last week (Thank God!) to get my 2-month expired tag renewed. Even though I have had a good week to put it on, I got out of my ticket by showing the nice officer my new license plate and kindly explaining that to put on the new tag requires a power tool. And, really who has one of those just sitting around?

He had a good laugh. Tommy did too.

Guess who now has a little motivation to change the tag?

And, on a completely seperate note...I am also very motivated to get this new housekeeper. But, really have no idea where to begin (yes, I can Google ; ) but would like like to get a recommendation. So far I have looked up Clean Freaks...anyone used them? Anyone else? Hmm...this might be a potential business venture for someone -- an online housekeeper referral service.


  1. Nice job getting out of the ticket! :)
    You might ask Nina about a housekeeper, I know they have/have had one..

  2. Have you tried Angie's List? It's like Craig's List but specifically for service providors: I have quite a few friends that use housekeepers, I'll try to get some contact info for you.

  3. I have used Clean Freaks... they use high end products that are eco friendly... but it's not exactly budget friendly. I'll tell you this weekend who I use now :D


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