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Even though I have been blogging for well over a year, I have never been tagged by another blogger -- until today! Yay me! My friend Angie, over at Step-Fabulous tagged me on her post 8-things. And, I love when someone gives me something to blog about, so I am doubly excited!

8 things I am looking forward to (in no particular order):

1- Going to Chicago in July!
a. It is my favorite US city
b. I get to see my friend Mindy
2- Seeing my nephew Max this weekend
3- My sister moving to Tulsa
4- My sister having her baby!!!
5- Throwing showers for my sister and million friends that are pregnant. (I so love a good party.)
6- Going to dinner at Michael Fusco's tomorrow night with Tommy.
7- Seeing puppies. I have no idea when that will happen but I always look forward to the day I see a puppy.
8- The Griffin cookout on Saturday - laying by the pool, sun, good food and little Max will be there!

8 things I did yesterday:

1- Went to work
2- Girl's night at Leon's!
3- Lunch with my former boss and coworker at Chili's - so fun!
4- Seriously my day yesterday was so lame I am having trouble coming up with something even remotely interesting to fill you in.
5- Oh - Mindy knows Ed on the Bachelorette and I missed the beginning Monday so I watched it online.
6- I think I watched some House Hunters episodes.
7- Brushed my teeth. Twice.
8- Um, yeah. I got nothing.

8 things I wish I could do:

1- Take a Zumba class more than once a week.
2- Take a trip to Italia! I am soooo on a Europe kick. I swear I look up plane tickets daily.
3- Take a nap.
4- Cook. And enjoy it.
5- Find a housekeeper.
6- Work on a TV show. I think I would be good at behind the scene interviews. Except for asking the personal awkward questions. I can already hear the crickets chirping.
7- Go to the set of The Office and be Pam for a day. Well, administrative professional Pam. Not new salesperson Pam. I just want to know what they are really working on behind their computer screen and really, I think it would just be fun.
8- Meet Donny Deustch, the Today Show cast and Joel McHale.

Shows I watch:

1- The Soup
2- The Today Show
3- House Hunters
4- House Hunters International
5- The Bachelor/Bachelorette
6- My First Place
7- Property Virgins
8- Ace of Cakes
And, there are so many more. I love tv.

Favorite Fruits:

1- Pineapple
2- Pears
3- Blueberries
4- Strawberries
5- Honey Dew
6- Kiwi
7- Grapes
8- Blackberries

8 Places I would like to travel:

1- Italy
2- All 50 states...I think I have about 20 to go.
3- England
4- France
5- Australia
6- Greece
7- St. Lucia
8- Scotland

8 place I have lived:

1- Shreveport, LA
2- Tulsa, OK
3- Stillwater, OK
That is awfully boring....

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  1. Fun post! And just so you know, I read your blog regularly...I'll try to start commenting more so you know it. :) I'm trying to get better at this blogging thing...slowly but I'm working on it! I never have much to blog about, but I'm trying to get better with that, too. Good times!

  2. To Sarah M - I am new to the bloggy world to - I can appreciate the learning curve!!!

    To Katie - OMG you seriously crack me up! As for the Zumba class, my gym now offers it. I was interested, after reading your blog - decided to try it and HOW FUN! I had a blast but Pilates is still my favorite, it's my new love. Next time I am in Tulsa you'll have to teach me how to correctly "tag" someone! :)

    Have a good day!

  3. I'm so excited!! I've never been tagged before!!! Thanks Katie!!!!


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