I am soooooo not in a good mood today. Thank God I have an outlet. (That would be this blog.)

So, here are my rants for the day.

1- Ordered some signage for an event. Was to have it delivered today. Got an email at 5 yesterday...a part for the printer is missing but we should get it tomorrow. Phone call sorry but we cannot print your graphics. Um, yeah. Figure out a way to get them printed--we have NO recommendations for you!!!!!

I need them tomorrow and you are a printing company. Do not leave it up to the customer to call around AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE to find someone else to do the work. And, have it be told it will be double because it is a RUSH. I am so frustrated I could cry.

I owned my own business for three years. I cannot imagine calling a bride the day before her wedding only to say a flower didn't come in. That happened. More times than I can count. But, my sorry ass called every damn florist in town, stalked Sams, took money of my own pocket to make sure the bride was pleased and was never the wiser.

Apparently I have some kind of super Customer Service gene that is not being used by the rest of the population. How can I find a way to make money off this?

2- Two Today Show issues got on my nerves this morning. I don't consider myself overly opinionated but today I will be.

Issue A - David Letterman's joke about Sarah Palin's daughter.

Tacky, not appropriate and I cannot stand someone who won't apologize and just admit they made a mistake. (Can you see a recurring theme??)

Issue B - Miss California being asked to resign/kicked out/whatever.

Why is it okay to have an opinion only if it matches popular opinion? Unfair, imo. I personally believe in equal rights for everyone but she was caught in a question that was wayyyy controversial and everyone got questions about world peace.

Okay, rant over. Hopefully next time you talk to me my world will be sunnier. UGH!


  1. So sorry to hear you're having a bad day! I completely agree about both Sarah Palin's daugher and about Ms. California Carrie Prejean - you took the words right outta my mouth!


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