Habitat ReStore and More....

I have lots of of Habitat stuff to update you guys about! First, I have started a new blog for Tulsa's Habitat for Humanity's ReStore. The ReStore is one of Habitat's best kept secrets. They have a resale shop here in Tulsa at 12th & Norwood (off of Sheridan) that sells everything you could possibly need for home improvements/renovations. Doors, windows, appliances (like really nice ones), paint, cabinets and so much more are available.

And, since new inventory is always coming in Habitat has been trying to find an easy and efficient way to get the news out to their followers, so a blog was a great solution! Right now the only stuff on the blog are sample posts from training but I am going to add it to my blog roll and encourage you to check it out. Also, the ReStore accepts donations from those in construction to those renovating their homes, so if you are ever wondering where to send those still nice but unwanted items, you have your place! They will even pick it up from you!

Also, I want to invite you guys to 200th home dedication. This is a huge deal for Habitat and the City of Tulsa. Through the donations of time and money from thousands of volunteers Habitat has been able to place over 200 families in simple, affordable housing. I had the opportunity to work (well that is debatable...) on this house yesterday and the family of four is thrilled to move into their first home.

Lastly, I am also raising money for Habitat's 20 years, 200 houses celebration. Please consider making a donation to this wonderful cause.


  1. Hey Girl -
    I love your Habitat Builder page. What an excellent photo!

    Thanks for everything!



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