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I am sooo disappointed in myself. Now that I don't subscribe to US Weekly and only check it when I am bored on my phone, I have no idea what is going on in the celebrity world. However, I guess one such celebrity is making news a little closer to home. According to the TheLostOgle.com, Jessica Alba has been trying to make a statement....on protecting great white sharks...in Oklahoma. I can understand that this would be a pretty big issue to raise awareness on in middle America. But, whatever. Read the whole story...pretty entertaining and honestly, just odd.

And, in other psued0-celebrity/reality tv show news (and because The Lost Ogle is my new favorite blog) there will be auditions for the Real World 22 (OMG - I still remember Julie and Eric from season 1 and I swear I have watched every season since then...I am so lame. And old. I don't think I am even in the demographics for this show) in OKC.
Okay, I will troll the internet for more celebrity gossip news for you guys...


  1. Wow, I live here, how did I miss this?

  2. I let my US Weekly subscription drop, too, and now I always feel so lost. :) Love the Lost Ogle though...had never heard of it - thanks! :)

  3. I'm not sure why she wants to make Oklahomans aware of Great White Sharks when we're not even close to an Ocean. She also defaced a United Way billboard which happens to be a good cause.


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