Going to the Birds

I had no idea the bird theme was going to be so popular! Here are some more fun finds I found for baby-still-doesn't-have-a-name.

I love this Etsy Mobile. It is so cute! I think you decorate it yourself with scrapbook paper...so....that might be a challenge. But, the final product looks super cute.

This mobile, also from Etsy, is so cute and you can customize the little fabrics.

Allison is thinking about a sage damask fabric and then just accenting with birds. It will be so hard to choose the world's cutest bird, though! However, this little bedding is still chic without being overly baby...imo.

A mobile for the shabby chic baby:

And, even though this is not exactly for the baby's room, these shoes from Land of Nod were just too precious not to share! (Are baby's shoes this expensive???)

Aunt Angie, we are girls after your heart! I know you will love all of these!!


  1. Oh, my gosh!!! I do love all of this. I cannot wait to see the nursery that Allison will decorate for the baby. It will be beyond adorable and so precious. You girls are after my own heart . . .I love you both!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Hate to break it to you girls....you will spend FAR more $$$ on your kids' clothes and shoes than you spend on your own!! By the way, if your mom is headed to S'port any time soon, the cute boutique Tip Toe Couture in the Uptown Shopping Center is closing out their shoe dept. for kids, and currently is running 1/2 price on all shoes. They have great shoes, and it would be a great time to "stock up" on some baby shoes, especially on brands that rarely go on sale, like Pediped. "Shabby Chic Bird Baby Girl Craig" will need them and will be able to wear them with anything! Also, baby socks are on sale right now too, including the cute Trumpette socks that look like little Mary jane shoes, and they also have sets in polka dots, flowers, etc. Ask your Aunt Pam - she'll know about Tip Toe Couture/Sprout & Co! (Or if you need your cousin Jennifer to "personal shop" for you.....I can possibly arrange that too!) love, Jennifer - ps - let's get that girls trip planned soon! (last weekend in June maybe???)


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