This Friday I had soooooo much fun! Catherine with Sage Culinary Studio invited me to be a guest judge for her Iron Chef cooking camp. (Click here for the course description.) Four groups of two presented each of the three judges with an appetizer, main dish and desert made with the secret ingredient: apples!

Catherine was nice enough to have me (the only non-celeb judge ; ), Tasha, from Tasha Does Tulsa and Betty Casey, editor of Tulsa Kids Magazine judge the teams. The winning team received 4 cooking classes from Sage!

The kids were judged on appearance, taste, plating and creativity. I was so impressed with all of the kids and their confidence. I would NEVER have been confident enough at that age to talk to a bunch of adults and explain to them the meal I prepared. They were all so awesome.

Below are some samples of the food we ate:

Look at the plating! So impressive and unique. This was curried chicken on a bed of apples and onions. It was a great combination.

I would have totally ordered this salad out at a restaurant. It was chicken on a bed of greens with pecans and apple slices with vinaigrette dusted with parmesan.

And, you know how I love desert. This was an apple muffin perfectly baked - crispy around the edges with real chunks of apple inside. Delish.

I didn't want them to take this one away. A perfect apple crisp. Heaven.

After eating 12 totally unique items I left so impressed with these kids. I am totally sending my kids to cooking school (um, when I have some). They were so enthusiastic about cooking and I cannot think of a better way to get your own personal chef (unless you marry someone who likes to cook. Minus one for me there.)


  1. How fun! I was in T-Town on Saturday -took Lauren to a birthday party. I thought of you and wished I had gotten a suggestion of a fabulous resturant with great Patio atmoshpere......... However, my Father In Law made me dinner and both the company and food were fabulous! Next time though, I need to plan better and meet up with you.

  2. How cool! Sage is such a great concept, I love it!

  3. So cool...Cooper would absolutely LOVE IT! He already likes to cook, and he loves to watch iron chef with Dwayne & I! He would love your friend's class and school so much. Wish she would open a branch in Shreveport! hint hint...love, jennifer


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