Baby Bird Finds

My sister is thinking about doing a bird theme in the baby's room (cute pink birds...not black crows or anything scary) and etsy has the cutest stuff. It is seriously so addictive.

You guys...those are bloomers!!! For $20 and free shipping, seriously a steal.

ruffles on her butt. It is the only time this will be considered cute! Allison, you must pick out a name asap!!!

Whole bird set from Alissa Jacob's:

Okay, Tommy is forcing me out of the I will post more finds later.


  1. Oh! How I love, love, love the bird theme. Those items are just adorable!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. These are precious. I definatly need to check it out for my prego friends!

  3. These are adorable! I've never been huge into themes but I LOVE the cute little birds.

  4. Very cute and chic theme! There is a precious company called the Warm Biscuit Bedding Company that has some cute things if you've never surfed their site or seen their catalog - and go to the Fabrics-see all section to see the bird prints (they have several vintage looking bird prints you can order by the yard...stuff you just don't see "everywhere" you know?). They also have some cool jewelry for the hospital - new mom gift (Kyle knows he does buy her something for the post-birth, right???) Another site/catalog with cute nursery stuff I like is Koo Koo Bear Kids - They have neat stuff too. I have also ordered some gear online from, with good sale prices and I loved your tips on Baby and hope these help! Happy Shopping! love, Jennifer

  5. Even I think these are cute and you know my weird thing about birds! So fun!! Love-Ann


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