All smocked up

Honestly with all the baby posts on here you would think I had a child. But, as world's greatest aunt, I must keep up my auntly duties by staying on top of all the baby trends out there.

My cousin, Jennifer (she also wins an award for most loyal blog reader AND poster), sells the cutest collection of children's outfits that every southern baby must own. I mean what says southern more than hand smocked outfits? Um, nothing.

Here are some of my fave's from the summer and fall collection:

Is this not precious for a little boy?

So cute and modern, yet still classic.

How could I not love a dress with a cupcake???
Preppy baby. The gators up close.

The whole outfit.

To see the whole collection, you can visit Shrimp & Grits Kids. If you are interested in ordering, I would love for my cousin to get the credit, so email me and I will put you in touch with her!


  1. You are the sweetest cousin, and those clothes are precious!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. I LOVE SMOCKED!!!! Thanks, I am going to save this as my favorite.

  3. Katie, you are so sweet! And the world's most fabulous aunt and blogger, too! Thanks for the shout-out on the clothing! I love doing this, so it's not work it's fun! And the clothes are great quality too. Like I said, you girls must host a show for me in the Spring 2010 season - I'm serious! And, just so you know, I will be looking forward to meeting all the other "regular posters" at the upcoming baby shower extravaganza in August...I'm trying to plan on making it to T-town (and hopefully the other fun DeFatta ladies are coming too - Aunt Angie, Shannon, Karen - ya with me?? ROAD TRIP!!!) love, Jennifer

  4. Katie - This website is great!!! I'm saving this to my favorites for January when we are expecting.


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