Like every other woman in the world, I love to shop. Shopping in Europe was even more fun. I only wish I could have done more of it.

The confections were always so artistic. Two of my favorite things put together candy + flowers. Adorable!

How beautiful are these petit fours?
And, I was obsessed with the store windows. (You will be see as you scroll down...)

Swarovski. I went to the factory in Austria. I do have to say...there was not that much more than what you can find here. But, it was fun to be where my little collectibles are made!

Christmas tree made entirely of Swarovski.
Isn't a dierndel even cuter when it is miniature?

I loved the candy windows.
These are all Christmas ornaments made of eggs.

I know this isn't a store window, but my grandmother's maiden name was Provenza. So, I had to have my pic taken in front of this restaurant.
Seriously, the traditional dress when tiny is so cute.

Are you sick of all of my pics yet? ; )


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