Friday, while watching the Today Show they had previews of this little baby hanging out in this pod like water bowl. While intrigued, I had to go to work. But, I got to thinking about it today and looked it up online. Still not sure what I think...definitely different (and, after watching the video not 100% sure how you would actually wash your kid in these), but I thought I would share with you guys, so you can be in the know too:

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Click here for more info. I have to say, if nothing else, this little tub that looks like a flower is too cute!


  1. I also saw the preview on the Today show but didn't get to see the whole story. So you bath your child in them? What is the benefit? They are $45...couldn't you just use a bucket? I will admit I have never bathed a baby but???

  2. You're right. It is a bit creepy.

  3. Bizarre...not sure if I'd buy into the hype! However, if someone gives Allison one I'll be interested to hear the reviews! By then my child will be way too big for it though. What will people think of next???


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