You know I love custom. So yesterday while reading my Food Network magazine they had a little section on customized foods. Custom + food = the perfect combo.

Customized Ice Cream from eCreamery was my favorite. Brilliant and so fun. This packaging is absolutely adorable too.

Now, when it comes to custom, you do pay a premium, but it would totally be worth it for this cuteness!
To create your own custom flavor you are easily walked through the steps and you get to even name your flavor. I named mine - Because I'm the Bday Girl. You only have 25 characters. I wanted to name it - Have my cake and ice cream too - but you know....

Also profiled was Mix my Granola. I LOVE granola. (I especially love it on Freshberry...but that is a whole other post.) Look how good my custom granola looks: Couldn't get away without putting chocolate in there. And, I love that it has the nutrition calculator too. Mine was 235 calories. Not too bad.

Now you cannot create your own Jones Soda but you can create your own labels. These would be so super cute for a wedding, baby shower or birthday party.

I cannot remember if I have already posted on this yet but I saw Crushpad featured on the Food Network some time ago and they have many options for those of you who might be interested in creating your own wine. You can be as involved as you want (or not). Looks like a fun concept!


  1. Amazing, Ive always wanted to order the custom M&Ms. These look cool too.


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