Creative Gift Wrap

In honor of my sister's birthday, I thought it would be fun to do a post on easy and creative gift wrap. I will be honest...I wish I was better at this. I am usually fishing under my bed to find a gift bag that someone has given me to throw the gift into. But, maybe I will make a mid-new year's resolution to do cuter gift wrap....yeah, we will see....who has the next birthday? : ) I think it is my mother-in-law. I will let you guys know if I stick to this resolution.

Here are some really cute ideas from Real Simple:

I have a special affinity for beach related things since that is where Tommy and I got married. I think I could pull this off, though. Looks easy enough. I am a TERRIBLE gift wrapper, though. I think that is probably why I stick to bags...

I love this idea. It is just taking tea towels and wrapping them around a bottle of wine. Two gifts in one!

I especially love this. It is a real fresh flower bloom on the top of the package. I think a realistic looking faux (an oxymoron?) gerber daisy would be really cute too.

This idea is to take an old calendar and use it as gift wrap. I will give it an "A" for creativity and eco-consciousness for the recycling aspect...however, I must admit I don't think I have ever seen a calendar quite like this. Even those huge desk calendars have lines.
But, I guess at the very least these got me to look at wrapping a little differently. Oh, while I am thinking of it, I do believe a little ribbon goes a long way. Right now at Target in the dollar spot they have really cute spools of ribbon that would be cute to dress up packages!


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