Just this morning...

While flipping through the channels this morning I have already seen an inspirational story (ESPN -- totally Tommy), a place I MUST visit (Travel Channel) and some super cute baby gear (CBS Morning News -- Today Show I am NOT cheating on you).

Check out this really great video about new Baltimore Ravens player, Michael Oher. I love a feel-good, underdog story.

The Travel Channel was hosting a program on Extreme Stores. And, we all know I love to shop. But, combine that was something sweet, I am SOLD. I had never heard of this place: Daffin's Candy Store, but I must go. Located in Pennsylvania, it is the world's largest candy store. I cannot imagine a better place on earth. And, I have never been to Pennsylvania and my life goal is to visit all 50 states. So...I think a trip is in my future.

Lastly, since Allison is pregnant, I feel the need to stay on top of all baby gear. Luckily, the CBS Early Show had a great segment today on baby must-haves. Oddly, there wasn't video but there was a pdf that has all the info. Click here to download.


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