My European Tour -- A few observations

There is so much I want to tell you guys about! Since this is my first time over to Europe (we went to Germany, Austria and Switzerland) I certainly feel more cultured! I just loved every second of it. I had so many favorites. I will share with you guys over the next few days. Since there is so much to tell, I have to break it all into pieces!


1- Europe is sooo much more pet friendly. Dogs were everywhere. I mean even in the castles! I would love to bring my Carter and Pudge with me. We have a dream to bring the boys to the ocean. I would just love to see them in the sand.

I took these pics on the way to the airport. Carter and Pudge wanted to come with us. We totally could have brought them. They would have been welcome everywhere. Tommy's cousin, Vera, is in college there and she said that people even bring their dogs to class. Heaven.

(Mom, Dad, can I please go with you???)

2- Everyone seemed much more ecologically conscious. More recycling, more solar panels, you know -- ecological stuff.

3- I loved the preservative free lifestyle. I could totally get used to that. I loved the fresh fruit and veggies everywhere. I am going to start going to the Farmer's Market more. So far, I have very unsuccessfully tried to duplicate this lifestyle....I have already had Arby's.

4- I swear to you no one drinks water. And, you cannot call that carbonated crap water. I swear those people have GOT to be dehydrated!

So, instead I had a lot of this:

I took 436 pictures, which I am sure everyone is just dying to see. Here are some teasers:

Look, I am finally taller than someone!

More later!


  1. Love the pics. So I'm glad your back. While you were gone I thought of a new business venture! We need to chat :D


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