Cheesecake Wedding Cake -- It's not what you think

Today I was reading my Food Network magazine (really good magazine by the way) and came across an article about a new trend in wedding cakes -- cheesecakes. But, not sweet ones. Real cheese wheels made to look like cakes. Since I am coming up on my three-year wedding anniversary, I don't keep up with weddings quite like I used to but I love this idea. However, I would still need a cupcake or some kind of sweet for dessert. You cannot just completely throw tradition out the window.

Anyway, look how pretty these are.

Seriously, can you believe this is just cheese? I borrowed this picture from Blue Daisy Weddings. Check out her blog -- her pics are amazing and if you are getting married she has some really great ideas.
This one is pure cheese. Not sure if you can do a closeup on this but it is really cool to see how they utilized the ribbon on the cheese. I borrowed this pic from the Artisan Cheese Gallery.
I love all the textures in this one. Pretty awesome.

Yes, that is realy cheese. It is so smooth and pretty. Love it!
And, for those of you who like the more rustic look this cake is just awesome!


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